Welcome to SCI
Your Communications and Technology Resource
SCI brings together decades of expertise from a broad selection of corporate America
including both past and present giants such as Western Electric, Bell Laboratories, AT&T,
Lucent Technologies, Tellabs, Cisco, Northern Telcom . . . . to create the solution you need.
We understand your specialized requirements and we provide you with exactly what you want
in a telecommunications and data solution, without paying for features that you'll never use.
SCI is a preferred source for technical staff.  If your company needs expertise in any area;
telecommunications, IT, engineering, and manufacturing, we can provide contracted staff of
the highest caliber that can step right in and do the job without the overhead associated with
hiring permanent employees.  Or turn your project over to our team entirely!
SCI does it all...... from underground to outer space...... from AC/DC to Light.
  • Established in 1989
  • 100% Woman owned
  • State of Illinois Corporation
  • Dunn & Bradstreet #61-495-6332
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Corporation
  • Chicago Area Gay Lesbian Chamber of Commerce Member
  • Fully insured with Workman's Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance